Our ground screws can be used for multiple projects whether its decking or a garden room, to solar panel installation and glamping pods.

Yes! Ground screws can be installed all year round and can also be installed in all weather conditions.

Our ground screws replace the need to lay concrete for foundations.  The foundations are screwed into the ground to depths most commonly between 1.2mm and 5.0  using our equipment.

Ground screws are cost effective and less time consuming. They are more environmentally friendly compared to using concrete as they cause less damage to the surrounding area.

Ground screw foundations are quick to install when preparation work is complete, and it is always helpful for us to understand what our foundations will be supporting and the details about the ground conditions before the installation.

The number of ground screws needed for your project depends on what you are looking to build. It is important to consider what type of structure you are looking to support as you would require more ground screws to support a heavier frame building such as a garden room. You may also want to consider the ground conditions and soil types as well as what size sub-frame you’d be installing and if there are any additional heavy loads. If you feel unsure, you can always request a quote and let us know your plans and we can work out the rest with you!