Technical Information

Installation of ground screws can be done in any weather conditions and all year round; the ground screws come in two different lengths and diameters and have various attachments. 

The most common used ground screw is the 76ml diameter budget range screw which fulfils most projects.

The Pro-Series ground screws provided by First Base are developed for heavier load bearing capacities. The screws are produced in accordance with EN-1090-2 standards and galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461.

Ground screws can be easily installed by using a manual installation tool, an electric or pneumatic ground screw drill or a hydraulic machine. The conic shape of the screws compresses the soil around it. Whether you would like to build on clay, peat, loam or sand, we are able to guarantee you a solid foundation.

Our screws provide a strong, quick and sustainable foundation for multiple domestic and commercial applications. Using ground screws as a replacement for concrete-based foundations is better for the environment and we pride ourselves on contributing some positive change to the way we build.

Our ground screw provider FIRST BASE has a full list of the range of ground screws that can be used. If you would like more information about the range you can follow the link below.